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Custom club fitting has become increasingly popular for golfers at all levels of play. Make the most of your investment by ensuring that your clubs are tailored to suit your needs. 

The MATT (Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade) system is a revolutionary advancement in golf analysis and club-fitting. Developed jointly by TaylorMade Adidas Golf Company and Motion Reality Incorporated (MRI), the MATT system provides a unique experience for the player in the analysis of the golf swing and assessment of the equipment needs of the player.

It is used to provide a 3D analysis of your golf swing using nine high-speed cameras to track the position of multiple reflective markers attached to the golf club and player. In addition, numerous tools are used to extract and present many precise measurements of the golf swing. This includes club impact data, swing planes, body lines, center of gravity, posture lines, shaft line, the ability to step into a tour pro's swing and many more. Also, measurements of ball speed, launch angle and spin of ball are recorded.

All of this information combined with swing measures and results from a questionnaire create a detailed player profile. This profile is used to recommend Taylor Made golf equipment best suited to that player.